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Tue, Jun 11


Untangled Thoughts

ArtWorks! Group

ArtWorks!  Group
ArtWorks!  Group

Time & Location

Jun 11, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Untangled Thoughts, 30 Pine St, Midland, OH 45148, USA

About the event

JOURNAL: Ch 3:2 Three Words + Three Wishes

ICEBREAKER: "Wish Circle" - Share one wish you have for yourself or someone else.

OBJECTIVES: To explore the concept of wishes and their significance in promoting self-love, love for others, and hope. To reflect on inner desires and aspirations. To provide a safe space to express your feelings and thoughts through art. To foster a sense of community and support.

DISCUSS: What are wishes, and why are they important? How do wishes relate to self-love, love for others, and hope? Have you ever experienced the power of a wish coming true? How did it make you feel?

PROJECT: Illustrate your own wishbone. Decorate your wishbone with symbols, images, or words that represent your wishes for yourself, others, and the future. 

REFLECT: How did it feel to visualize and create your wishbone? 2. What did you discover about yourself through this process? 3. How can focusing on wishes promote self-love, love for others, and hope in your life?

CLOSE: Express gratitude for one another and the experience. Emphasize the importance of nurturing our wishes and the power they hold in shaping our lives. Provide resources for further exploration of self-love, love for others, and hope.

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