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Tue, Jul 02


Untangled Thoughts

ArtWorks! Group

ArtWorks!  Group
ArtWorks!  Group

Time & Location

Jul 02, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Untangled Thoughts, 30 Pine St, Midland, OH 45148, USA

About the event

JOURNAL: Ch 3:6 Moral Compass

ICEBREAKER: Fear in a Hat. Write down something you fear, fold it, and place in hat. Pass the hat around and each participant reads a fear out loud.  What would it feel like to have that fear?

OBJECTIVE: To explore the concept of a moral compass and its significance in mental wellbeing. To identify personal values and beliefs and their impact on decision-making. To use art as a means of self-expression and reflection on one's moral compass.

DISCUSS: What is a moral compass? How do our values and beliefs shape our moral compass How does our moral compass influence our decisions and actions? What role does our moral compass play in our mental wellbeing?  In what ways do you think your moral compass affects your overall mental wellbeing?

PROJECT: Create a visual representation of their moral compass through art. Incorporate symbols, colors, and images that reflect values, beliefs, and inner guidance.

REFLECT: Why did you choose those symbols and colors? What similarities and differences do you see in each other's representations of your moral compasses? Why is it important to understand and explore your personal values?

CLOSE: Express gratitude for participation and openness. Provide resources for further support or exploration of the theme if needed. Summarize key insights and takeaways from the session.

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