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Tue, Jun 25


Untangled Thoughts

ArtWorks! Group

ArtWorks!  Group
ArtWorks!  Group

Time & Location

Jun 25, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Untangled Thoughts, 30 Pine St, Midland, OH 45148, USA

About the event

JOURNAL: Ch 3:5 Naming Your Fears

ICEBREAKER: Fear in a Hat. Write down something you fear, fold it, and place in hat. Pass the hat around and each participant reads a fear out loud.  What would it feel like to have that fear?

OBJECTIVE: To provide a safe space to explore and articulate fears.  To help participants understand that acknowledging and confronting fears can lead to empowerment and growth. To facilitate creative expression as a means of processing and coping with fear.

DISCUSS: What are fears? How do fears affect us emotionally and physically? Are there different types of fears (e.g., rational vs. irrational, specific vs. generalized)? How do we typically respond to our fears?

PROJECT: Create a visual representation of your fears. Be as abstract or literal as you feel comfortable.

REFLECT: What did you learn about yourself through this activity? Did anything surprise you about your own fears or the fears of others in the group? How do you feel about the idea of confronting your fears after this experience? What are some strategies you can use to confront your fears in a healthy way?

CLOSE: Express gratitude for participation and openness. Provide resources for further support or exploration of the theme if needed. Encourage participants to reflect on their experience and consider how they can apply what they learned in their daily lives.

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