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Tue, Jun 18


Untangled Thoughts

ArtWorks! Group

ArtWorks!  Group
ArtWorks!  Group

Time & Location

Jun 18, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Untangled Thoughts, 30 Pine St, Midland, OH 45148, USA

About the event

JOURNAL: Ch 3:4 Stressors & Solutions

ICEBREAKER: "Two Truths and a Lie", Share two true statements and one false statement about yourself. Others guess which statement is false.

OBJECTIVE: To provide a safe and supportive space to express stressors. To facilitate discussions on healthy coping mechanisms and solutions for managing stress. To engage in a creative art activity that promotes self-reflection and emotional expression.

DISCUSS: What are some stressors you face in your daily life? How do these stressors impact your emotions and well-being? Have you noticed any patterns or triggers for stress in your life? How do you currently cope with stress?

PROJECT: Create a mandala that represents your stressors and the solutions you discussed. Can divide your mandalas into sections, with each section representing a different stressor and its corresponding solution. 

REFLECT: What did you discover or experience during this art activity? How did the process of creating the mandala influence your thoughts or emotions regarding stress?

CLOSE: Express gratitude for participation and openness. Provide resources for further support or information on stress management. Encourage participants to continue practicing self-care and reaching out for support when needed. 

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