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Tue, Jul 09


Untangled Thoughts

ArtWorks! Group

ArtWorks!  Group
ArtWorks!  Group

Time & Location

Jul 09, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Untangled Thoughts, 30 Pine St, Midland, OH 45148, USA

About the event

JOURNAL: Ch 3:7 Seasonal Awareness & Your Mood Cycle

ICEBREAKER: Seasonal Charades: Pick a card and act out the scene from one of the seasons.

OBJECTIVE: To explore the connection between seasonal changes and mood cycles. To increase self-awareness and emotional literacy. To provide a safe space for expression and reflection through art-making.

DISCUSS: How do you typically feel during each season? Are there specific memories or experiences associated with certain seasons for you? Have you noticed any patterns in your mood or behavior throughout the year? How do you cope with changes in mood during different seasons? What strategies have you found helpful in managing your emotions during challenging seasons?

PROJECT: Create a visual representation divided into four sections, each representing a season. Within each section,  draw or paint symbols, colors, or words that represent your emotions and experiences during that season.

REFLECT: Share your completed mood wheel with the group. Reflective discussion on the similarities and differences of your experience.

CLOSE: Express gratitude for participation and openness. Provide resources for further support or exploration of the theme if needed. Summarize key insights and takeaways from the session.

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